Cocomong A Space Adventure

Production company : Metaspace, Digital Creature Inc.

Date of production : November 2012

Running time : 18min 31sec

Rating : General Audiences ( for all ages)

Subject : Journey to Solar system and Titan

Language : Korea, English, Chinese, Japanese, Ukraine

Format : 2D


Cocomong is very curious about space. But reading about space in books makes it seem so far away. That’s when Halley, a friendly alien, drops in! Halley has come to Earth all the way from Titan in order to protect the last remaining Star Gem from the evil Virus King. If Halley wants to find the other Star Gems and rescue his parents, then he needs the help of Cocomong and his friends! However, Halley’s home Titan is by Saturn which is really far away, even farther than Mars and Jupiter. Will they be able to make it all the way there safe and sound? “I guess we won’t know until we go.”


2012 Gwacheon International Planetarium Movie Festival ‘Best Audience’

2014 IPS-Macao International Fulldome Festival ‘Best Children Production’



Hello, friends~! I’m the playful prankster, Cocomong. I used to be a bean sausage, but…TADA~ now I’m a monkey. Heh heh~ I’m curious by nature and I’m good with my hands. So whenever I have a chance, I make interesting inventions. Sometimes, very rarely, my inventions cause accidents and Aromi makes fun of me, but I never give up. Because I’m Cocomong~ the genius, the most awesome, the king of inventions!! What? Virus King has come to conquer Cing-Cing Village? As long as I, the genius inventor Cocomong is here, he can dream on~!


Hello! My name is Halley, and I come from Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. I can’t speak your language, but I can understand everything you say. So if we meet, please say hi and talk with me. My mother, father and I were living happily together while protecting 3 Star Gems that have amazing powers when, suddenly, Virus King and his gang appeared. They wanted to steal the gems to do evil! In the end, 2 of the Star Gems were taken, and my parents were captured by Virus King. Thankfully  I found the great inventor Cocomong and his good friends who could help me.


I’m Robocong, the multi-combo robot that the great inventor Cocomong made! What’s a multi-combo robot, you ask? It means that I can combine with anything and become something else. Combine me with a water tank and I become a fire-dousing fire truck, or combine me with a pair of wings and I become a supersonic airplane. So it’s my duty to save Cing-Cing Village whenever Virus King and his gang put the village in danger. But that’s not all I do. When the 3 Cong brothers are bored I become a banana boat and play with them.


Aromi, the egg-bunny who loves flowers. Kaero, the carrot-donkey who enjoys singing and dancing. Padak, the green onion-chicken who’s a bit excitable but kind. Agle, the cucumber-alligator who’s mature and good at cooking. Doori, the radish-hippo who’s kind-hearted and loves to draw. And finally, the troublemakers Doocong, Saecong, and Naecong, the pea-raccoons who look similar but are very different. We all live happily together in Cing-Cing Village of Fresh World.  Virus King does cause problems for us sometimes, but with Cocomong and Robocong around there’s nothing to fear!


I am the great Virus King! I, along with my subordinates Candy-pow, the candy-cat, and Potato-pow, the potato-beaver make fright~ful inventions every day in order to create my Virus Kingdom. I can’t be satisfied with just conquering Fresh World. With the help of the Star Gems’ powers on Titan I will make the universe my Virus Kingdom! But…why? Why is it that whenever I’m about to do something Cocomong and his tin can robot show up to foil my plans??


Broadcast on EBS, the animation ‘Fresh World, Cocomong’ spurred the production of three series that started with <Fresh World, Cocomong Season1> in 2008, followed by the English education program <Hello Cocomong>, and <Fresh World, Cocomong Season2> in 2011. Through Cocomong and his friends’ exciting adventures in Fresh World, children can learn the importance of nature and the environment as well as form healthy eating habits. <Fresh World, Cocomong Season1> achieved 1st place in viewer ratings for EBS’s first half year average, and recorded 2nd place in viewer ratings for the comprehensive first half year average, showing a high share of viewership among children between the ages of 3~5. Even though the broadcast of the series has ended, the theme park ‘Cocomong~ Eco Park’, the amusement park ‘Cocomong~ KidsLand’ and so on are currently being run in many places all over the country.