Planetarium System

  • Digital projection system
  • Optical system
  • Simulation Software


  • Consulting of upgrade
  • Design of Planetarium
  • Event in Planetarium


  • Full dome shows
  • Development of Fulldome contents
  • Distribution of Fulldome shows

Screen &  equipment

  • Dome screen
  • Flexible dome screen
  • Audio & LED cove lighting

Simulation Software

SkyExplorer 4 is lastest version of simulation software of RSA Cosmos. it has upgraded user interface such as Interative Dome View, Resource Manager and Drag & Drop or Drag & Fly. Also it propose stunning Realism.
Users in Korea
  • 국립어린이과학관
  • 국립부산과학관
  • 국립대구과학관
  • 국립광주과학관
  • 울산과학관
  • 밀양아리랑 우주천문대
  • 공군사관학교
  • 전라남도과학교육원
  • 경상남도과학교육원
  • 경상북도과학교육원
  • 광주광역시교육과학연구원
  • 국립고흥청소년체험센터
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Optical System

You can enjoy the starry sky with Optical system. Megastar system of Ohira Tech delivers the magnificent starry sky and the Universe.

Megastars in Korea
  • 밀양아리랑 우주천문대 Megastar IIA
  • 영천보현산천문대 Megastar Neo
  • 대전시민천문대  Megastar Neo
  • 군포누리천문대  Megastar CLASS
  • 과천정보과학도서관 Megastar CLASS
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Dome Theater

Projection system / Auto calibration / Gaming system
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  • Optical Telescope
  • Dome / Sliding roof
  • Telescope Control System
  • Dome Control
  • Consulting