Planetarium project imitated night sky onto dome screen. Historically planetariums employ optical planetarium systems utilizing mechanical movements of optical systems.

However, thanks to advancements of computing power and high-resolution digital projectors. Digital planetarium systems became very popular nowadays.


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Digital Planetarium System

Digital Planetarium System

The digital planetarium system project night sky images onto dome screens utilizing computers and digitized data.

Recently, more and more planetariums employ digital planetarium system rather than optical planetarium system due to low-cost, and easy-to-handle characteristics. Digital projection systems consist of a control system, image generators, and digital projectors.

Simulation Software, SKY EXPLORE

One of the benefits of the digital planetarium system is to mimic diverse astronomical phenomena not only from Earth, but from anywhere in the Universe using a vast data. The digital planetarium system simulates interstellar travel, a night sky 5 million years ago, and much more.

We offer a simulation software, Sky Explorer provides stunning realism while offering a variety of user-friendly functions including plug & play, drag & drop, and more.

Audience Response System

Audience response system can be implemented into Sky Explorer.

This system allow audience to participate with question and answer sessions to provide lively and interactive opportunities for education and beyond.

Optical Planetarium System

Optical Planetarium System

The optical planetarium system utilizes optical, and electro-mechanical technology to project night sky onto dome screens. The very first optical planetarium system used pinholes with light sources, but modern planetarium systems use LED light sources with various advanced technologies.

With the recent advancement of the digital planetarium system, it is possible to construct a hybrid planetarium system combining ad optical and a digital planetarium systems into one.


Our Japanese partner, Ohira Tech, is world-renown company for its cutting-edge technology within the planetarium community.

Its optical planetarium system Megastar-Ⅱa, and Megastar NEO offer realistic night sky showing 10 million stars up to 11th magnitude along with the solar system planets, 170 deep sky objects and more.

대전시민천문대 Megastar Neo
Dome Theater

Dome Theater

Planetarium and dome theaters employ dome screens to project night sky images and full-dome contents onto them. Dome screens come in various sizes, and require different numbers of projectors depending on required resolutions.

360 degree dome theater

360 degree full-sphere theaters offer a unique experience for audience. Space 360 at Lucerium with METASPACE designed and built for Gwangju National Science Museum is the first ever of such theaters in Korea. Audience walks into the center of the spherical theater following a hang-in corridor to watch projected contents all around the dome sphere.

Auto Calibration System

Simulation softwares which we offer, including Sky Explorer, are equipped with auto-calibration system.

Auto-calibration system provides projection systems to maintain geometry, intensity levels, etc. which deteriorate as temperature and projector position change. Auto-calibration system is one of the most powerful tools to keep up the quality of full-dome theater.

국립광주과학관 Space360


As the technology of LED advances, it is plausible to construct high-resolution LED domes and to offer them to general public. METASPACE offers LED full-dome with collaborations with our partners.

Portable Planetarium System
Portable Planetarium

Sometimes it is desired to have some flexibility by moving around full-dome theaters. This is achievable with portable planetarium systems by METASPACE.

Albeit small in size, portable planetarium systems do not lack in terms of image resolution and functionality.