Telescopes are the main equipment for observatories for every purpose, public, education, or research. Telescopes come in various sizes, types, and optical configurations.

Therefore, it is very important to decide the right telescopes and equipments for observatories’ purposes, which requires professional expertise.


Large Optical Telescope for research

Small Optical Telescope for amateur and education

CCD, CMOS Cameras and Other accessories

Observatory Enclosure

Observatory Dome

Sliding Roof

High Speed Rotating Dome for SLR

Clamshell Dome

Telescope control system (TCS)

Telescope Control System Development and Implementation

Enclosure Synchronization

Remote Observation System

Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

Telescope Maintenance

Observation Operation Management

System Overhaul and Upgrade

TCS maintenance and Upgrade

Space Exploration

Space Weather

Space Situational Awareness

Ground Stations for Satellite Optical Communication

Small optical telescope for amateur and education

In general, observatories at science museums and schools run programs for general public and educational purpose without using CCD cameras.

Therefore it is recommended to choose small telescopes which are light and study with simple structures for easy operation and maintenance.

세종과학예술영재고등학교 관측실
Large optical telescope for research

For observational research programs, the most important quality is by far the imaging quality closely followed by operation stability. Therefore, it is very important to choose telescopes with excellent optics.

On the other hand, most observational research programs are carried out with other instruments, such as CCD, or cMOS imagers, or spectrographs. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to seek professional expertise from the very early stage of designing, and budgeting.

서울대학교 1m 망원경시스템
Space situational awareness, space weather, and ground-station for satellite communication

Having been limited to the public domain for a long time, now space exploration is opened up for the private sector: there are numerous opportunities to operate businesses related to space exploration. Space situational awareness, space weather, and satellite communication are examples of those opportunities.

While facilities for the field do not need large optical telescopes, they still require  telescopes with exceptional optical quality with specialized equipments, such as high-speed rotating dome enclosures, fast imaging cameras, and much more.

Telescope Control System

Telescope control system (TCS)

Good quality equipment does not complete observatories. They require excellent operating systems. Telescope control system, or TCS, is the backbone of such systems.

While telescopes which Metaspace offer are implemented with good, and easy-to-handle TCS, Metaspace are also capable of providing TCS modified for specialized needs.

서울대학교 망원경제어시스템
Automatic weather station (AWS)

An automatic weather station, or AWS, gathers weather information and relays to observers. Information including temperature, humidity, cloud coverage, seeing, and more help observers carry out observation programs. It is also possible to link AWSs to TCS for more advanced operations such as automated scheduling systems.

Remote control system with voice recognition, wireless remote control system

There are various ancillary softwares which can be implemented onto operating systems to improve observational operations. Metaspace can design and provide such operating systems implemented with remote control, voice recognition, wireless remote control, and automated scheduling.

한국천문연구원 KMTNet 호주 관측소

Observatory enclosure

Observatory enclosures are of various sizes and shapes. Depending on sizes and types of telescopes of observatories, different sizes and shapes are required.

Metaspace offers the special expertise on designing, manufacturing, and constructing observatory enclosures.

Clamshell enclosure
Recently, clamshell enclosures made of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) are popular within the world observer community due to their durability and aesthetics.
These clamshell enclosures, such as manufactured by Astro Haven, one of our partners, should be an exceptional choice for satellite ground stations, and automated telescope systems which employ small, but high-quality optical telescopes.
ScopeDome, which company is one of the leading manufacturer of astronomical observatory domes in Poland.
ScopeDome offers best quality laminated domes and control program that allows you to observe and operate telescopes from a distance.
So, the solution of ScopeDome is the best solution for the remote astronomical observatory.
  • The sphere type domes of 2M / 3M / 4M / 5.5M
  • Clamshell type of 3M
  • Automation and Electronic systems (based on Arduino card)